April 2020

A Note From the Founder – COVID 19

Kerry Cordy

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, I sent all employees home on March 13 to work from home and help research resources for our Badge of the Week posts.  Since we help facilitate distance learning we are allowed to remain open, but I do not wish to endanger the health of my employees so for the time being they will work from home until the danger has passed.  As a result I am now the only person in the office each day in order to maintain the day to day operations of the business.   I am now the only one here to fill orders and make badges, so please be patient if shipments are delayed slightly.  So far business has been very slow so it is not an issue, but the end of the school year from mid April thought early June is usually my busiest time of year.  Since most troops are not meeting at this time, I am assuming badge orders will be much reduced so keeping up with demand should not be an issue even by myself, but I have no way of predicting who will still be placing orders or how busy it will be.  Thank you for your patience.  Prayers that everyone stays healthy during these uncertain times.

New Badges Posted

Shelter In Place (Self Isolation), Women’s Suffrage






Girls of the Month

Autumn Smith – Otter: Troop #213

Six year old Autumn Smith, Otter in Troop 213, saw the need to clean up the trash on a road near her home. She asked her mom to post some pictures on Facebook and her family quickly followed her lead. They work to collect over 11 bags of garbage and have scheduled another trip to finish once the weather co-operates. A trail camera was placed in the area to discourage future littering.


Morgan, Teagan and Karigan Cadwallader – Otters: Troop #123

Morgan (Dolphin), Teagan, and Karigan Cadwallader (Otters) in Troop 213 saw the need and took the lead last week.  While they were home from school in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020, they took time to make cards and bread to deliver to some seniors; family; and friends. The warmth was shared with many as they practiced social distancing safely. They hoped to bring some sunshine to an otherwise scary and uncertain time for many.  Their leader, Lori Shaw caught them delivering a warm loaf of homemade bread to her house and shared how good it was.



Badge of the Week

We have restarted our Badge of the Week posts on our main Facebook page.  Please like/follow the page to see daily posts of ideas and resources for working on a different badge each week.  The first week was the Art Badge with great links to resources such as WeaveSilk where you can learn about symmetry and make images such as the one pictured above.  The second week was Board Games with links such as The Spruce Crafts with instructions on making your own DIY board games.  This week is Costume Design to go along with the virtual Spirit Week we are hosting via the Frontier Girls Forum Facebook group.

If you do not use Facebook, you can still access all of the Badge of the Week resource on the Curiosity Untamed website.¬† At the end of each week I will be posting all the resources into a single blog post on Curiosity Untamed.¬† You can also subscribe to the blog to be notified anytime a new post is made to ensure you don’t miss anything.¬† Click here for the Art Badge resources and here for the Board Games resources.

This week, in honor of our online Spirit Week, the Badge of the Week is Costume Design.


Frontier Girls Take the Lead!

It always amazes me to see the unique ways our members find to live out our motto and take the lead.  During the COVID 19 crisis when most families are required to stay home, kids are bored and families are strained.  Since so much has been taken from them it is awesome to see kids giving back.


Virtual Spirit Week

A member in Arizona, Beth Vicory, came up with the idea of a virtual Spirit Week to encourage people to have some fun while representing our various Areas of Discovery.  Members are encouraged to get into the spirit of things and dress up in costumes and post their pictures on our forum.

Sunday: Character
How do you express Character? Dress to emulate a person that is the embodiment of a character badge, or any other way you can think of.

Monday: Agriculture and Home
Express yourself as an animal, fruit, vegetable, flower, farmer or beekeeper, or look towards the Home section of badges for inspiration!

Tuesday: Art
Can you recreate a famous painting on yourself? Or will you dress like an artist from the past? Look to the Discover Art listings for an amazing range of ideas.

Wednesday: Health & Safety
Medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters, and military personnel are easy examples of how to express this category. You could also dress as your favorite athlete or for a specific sport.  What will you choose?

Thursday: Outdoors
Dress as a hiker, a lumberjack, a wilderness animal,¬† or any outdoor activity. There’s much more inspiration to be found in our badge list.

Friday: Science and Technology
So many scientists, so many engineers, so many innovators. Be one, and break through the barriers!

Saturday: World
Represent a country outside of the United States. Dress in native clothing, or as a famous historic person from that country. Perhaps you could dress as a literary character from the country you’ve chosen.

You might notice that each “Discover Zone” is represented during the week except one: Knowledge. That’s because the underlying theme of every day is Knowledge.
Each day, you are encouraged to choose a badge from that day’s theme and complete an activity for it. Share a picture of yourself dressed for that day’s Spirit Week theme and a photo of your activity. For example, on Thursday, you might dress to represent the Beach Fun badge, but you could choose the Zipline badge for an activity and build a miniature Zipline for a Barbie or Wonder Woman doll to zoom across your living room. On Wednesday, you could dress like a soldier and learn how to french braid hair. On Tuesday, dress like Misty Copeland, but channel your inner Monet and create an impressionist style artwork. Get it? Have fun and step out of your comfort zone. Most of all, have fun with it.


Virtual Cheer Camp

One of our members, Mackenzie Richins, a Pioneer in Arizona, was supposed to compete in a national cheer competition which was canceled due to the virus.  Rather than wallow in self pity at having this opportunity taken from her, she decided to hold an online cheer camp for our members.  If you would like to earn your Sports-Cheerleading badge, log onto our Frontier Girls Facebook forum to find the videos Monday through Thursday, Mar. 30 РApril 2.

According to Mackenzie you will need:

1) clothing you can move easily in
2) cheer shoes or bare feet
3) a soft surface, yoga mat, carpeted floor, grassy area
4) water bottle

Penguins, Otters and Dolphins will complete the requirements for the sports:cheerleading badge at the conclusion of virtual camp.

Butterflies will need to complete the following at the conclusion of camp to earn the badge:
1) read 3 news or magazine articles or an age appropriate book about cheerleading
2) complete 2 optional requirements

Eagles will need to complete the following at the conclusion of camp to earn the badge:
1) read 3 news or magazine articles or an age appropriate book about cheerleading.
2) complete required option #2 (Mackenzie says a hint to complete this one is to search cheerlebrities)
3) complete 4 optional requirements

The schedule looks like this:

  • Monday:¬† Motions
  • Tuesday:¬† Jumps
  • Wednesday: Flyer Skills
  • Thursday:¬† Dance

There will be no tumbling or stunts because that is not safe to teach virtually.



Links and Resources

Thanks to everyone staying at home, there has been an abundance of great resources shared on our forums over the last couple of weeks.  Here are just a few, but check out the Facebook forum for many more.


These links lead to other Internet sites for the convenience of users. Frontier Girls/Quest Clubs is not responsible for the availability or content of these external sites, nor does Frontier Girls/Quest Clubs endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered at these other Internet sites.  Use these sites at your own risk.

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