A Note From the Founder, Kerry Cordy

If You See a Need, Take the Lead!

The motto of Frontier Girls is “If you see a need, take the lead!” The goal is to get kids to be observant in their community and find opportunities to help in any way they can. From large community service projects to simply holding the door open for someone, teach your kids to do their part to make our world a better, cleaner, kinder place to live.

I’ve decided that this motto needs to be more front an center in our program. As a result, I am adding a new section to our monthly newsletter that will highlight an opportunity to help make our world a better place each month. Some months it may be a way to directly help another Frontier Girl member. Other months it may be a way to help our environment, raise awareness of an important issue or disease, or to support our military and veterans.

If you have great community service ideas, or a particular cause you would like to support, please email me at kerry@curiosityuntamed.net with the subject line “Take the Lead” and I will add it to our list of topics to consider.

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Upcoming March Badge of the Week

Each week we feature a different badge or award and provide resources and links for earning the badge. You can search past badge of the weeks blog posts by visiting the Curiosity Untamed blog page and choosing the category, “Badge of the Week.”

miss amazing arizona
Food Drive by Beth Vicory

If You See A Need, Take the Lead!

Photo Scavenger Hunt to Support Miss Arizona Amazing Teen Beth Vicory

by Kerry Cordy

Beth Vicory is one of my heroes. She has been earning badges through our program for nearly 10 years and during that time I have gotten to know her quite well. I first met Beth when she was 8 years old. Autistic, she had difficulty communicating back then, but even then her curiosity was untamed. She has never let her difficulties stop her and has earned hundreds of badges over the years and has become a leader in her community.

18 years old now, Beth takes every challenge head on. She is actively involved in her community and can frequently be found speaking at city council meetings to bring awareness to local issues. She lives the motto, “If you see a need, take the lead!” From food drives, to roadside clean-up, to raising money to create signage for a local 9/11 monument, Beth is constantly looking for ways to help.

Beth recently won the Arizona Miss Amazing Teen pageant, a national self-esteem movement led for and by girls and women with disabilities. She now has a chance to compete in the national competition, but needs some help to get there as she will need to travel from Arizona to Nashville, TN which will be quite expensive.

Join me on an exciting adventure to support Beth in her journey to the National Pageant by participating in “Beth’s Amazing Challenge”, a fun online photo scavenger hunt challenge for all ages. Challenges will be posted on April 1 and you will have until May 15 to submit your entries. Each photo challenge will be worth a set amount of points and extra points may be awarded for creativity.

For more information visit her Facebook page, AZ Miss Amazing Teen 2020. Register each participant by sending a $25 Venmo payment to @Autistic-Kids and join the Facebook Group Beth’s Amazing Challenge.

First Prize is a Beth’s Amazing Challenge t-shirt and a handmade piece of art from Ausome Art by Beth, and a curated gift basket. Second prize is a Beth’s Amazing Challenge t shirt and a handmade piece of art from Ausome Art by Beth. Prizes will be delivered if local or shipped by US Postal Mail following the Challenge end.

egg my house - colorful easter eggs in basket

Egg My House! – Fundraising Idea

Thank you to Frontier Girls Troop #468 for this fun fundraising idea! Registration can be set up on a simple Google form to collect addresses and contact information. I have copied their wording below, just adjust for your own group.

Easter Eve while you are sleeping the Easter bunny came and filled your yard with eggs that have candy and prizes. All proceeds benefit __________. Questions contact ____________ at ________________.

Important Egging/Delivery Instructions: We will hide plastic eggs in your front yard between 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm or if you prefer to hide the eggs yourself, we can simply drop the eggs off to you in a basket. Please leave a light on outside if possible. Secure all pets. Please close all curtains to prevent children from seeing those making deliveries.

How many eggs would you like?

  • 40 eggs for $20.00.
  • 80 eggs for $40.00
  • 160 eggs for $80.00

Would you prefer a basket on the porch or eggs in your yard?

  • Egg my yard!
  • Basket on the porch
  • Pick up between March 29 – April 1

Payment Method

  • PayPal – Friends and Family: (email address for payment)
  • Venmo (user name for payment)
  • Check (name and mailing address for payment)
Donations to homeless shelter

Member Highlight

Green Bay Homeschooling Families

The Green Bay homeschooling group earned their charity badge last month. They sought donations to help their neighbors in the local homeless shelter. They received enough monetary donations and shelf stable snacks to give to 120 neighbors! Their goal was 100 which was met and surpassed much to their pleasure. The group was able to fill gallon sized bags with snacks, socks, and toiletries. They also made homemade desserts for the shelter’s Saturday dinner. Blankets were also received to help those sleeping in cars.

Great job everyone! Thanks so much for finding ways to help your community. If you see a need, take the lead!

tech girlz workshops

Tech Girlz!

If you have girls in 6-8th grade, look into Tech Girlz. They are a non profit organization that inspires middle school girls to explore the possibilities of technology to empower their future careers. TechGirlz is accomplishing its mission through the creation of free, fun, interactive “TechShopz” led by industry professionals, community leaders, and students. 

They share their free workshop curriculum with companies, organizations, schools and community groups if you would like to lead a workshop for your girls. Free online workshops the girls can attend are also offered every month.

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