Frontier Girls offers a wide variety of higher awards in addition to our numerous badges. Want to earn a badge from each Area of Discovery? You can earn our Discovery Award! Have you earned over 100 badges at a single level? Check out our WOW! Award!  Want to earn each badge for the character traits in our creed, earn the Fruit of the Spirit Award.  Read about each award below!


Career Exploration Award

Awarded for exploring specific career paths



Discovery Award

Awarded for completing one badge in each Area of Discovery at a single level




Fruit of the Spirit Award

Awarded for completing all nine of the character badges listed in our creed




Gem Awards

Our highest and most difficult award.  Each Gem Award acknowledges girls for going above and beyond just attending meetings and earning badges, and rewards them for their efforts in taking to heart the most important aspects of our program.



Leadership Award

Awarded for taking on leadership positions and learning leadership traits




Liberty Award

Awarded for learning about the liberties of the United States



Life Skills Achievement Award

Awarded for becoming proficient in 30 age appropriate life skills




Major in an Area of Discovery

Awarded for accomplishments focusing on one Area of Discovery



Make a Difference Award

Awarded for creating and leading a community service project



Outdoors Award

Awarded for becoming proficient in a variety of outdoor skills




Pinnacle Award

Awarded for completing more than 500  badges at the Owl level




Servant’s Heart Award

Awarded for completing a set number of hours in service to the community



S.T.E.A.M. Award

Awarded for being well rounded in science, technology, engineering, art and math



WOW! Award

Awarded for earning 100+ badges at a single age level




Super Troop Award

Awarded to troops to meet certain who meet certain criteria each year.



Religious Emblem Awards

Available through the P.R.A.Y. program, not Frontier Girls LLC, but still allowed to be worn on our uniforms.