Life Skills Award

Many kids graduate high school and enter the real world completely unprepared to take on the simplest tasks. The Life Skills Achievement Award was written to make sure that girls can perform skills that they will need later in life. These skills include household chores, personal grooming, physical skills, safety skills, financial skills, navigational skills, and basic living skills. To earn this award, girls must be able to complete each skill at their current level as well as all skills of any lower level. If a girl has a handicap that makes it impossible for her to do a particular task, she may substitute that task with something similar within her capabilities. She may also substitute a task if she has religious restrictions, such as not eating meat. If substitutions are made, please notify Frontier Girls Clubs so that we can share your ideas with others. Keep in mind the idea behind this award is for girls to become proficient in each these skills, not simply perform them one time. (Make sure to follow all state and local age laws involving any of these requirements.) We highly recommend that every Frontier Girl earn this award at every level of Frontier Girls.


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