June 2020


A Note From the Founder – Crazy Times

Kerry Cordy

These are some crazy times we are living through right now and I just want to thank all of our members for all the support they have shown each other.  Troops from all over the country have been posting various ways to stay active during all the COVID 19 shutdowns.  The sheer amount of creativity out there astounds me.

I am not sure what the next program year will look like for many troops, but with all of us working together, we will figure it out and still provide great programs for our girls.  If you are not already a member of our Frontier Girls Forum Facebook group, now is the time to join.  Whether you are part of a troop or a Pioneer, it is a great place to stay connected, get ideas, make friends, and share your accomplishments.

If you have some great tips for working on badges during the pandemic, please share them either through the Facebook Forum or by emailing me directly so that I can share them with others.  It’s times like these I am so grateful for the grassroots community you have all built.  Together we can raise a generation of women who are resilient, kind, creative, and leaders in their community.

New Badges Posted

Paper Dolls, Famous Animal (Specific)

This the Famous Animal badge may be earned for any specific famous animal you wish to study.  The badge depicted is just a sample for one of the most famous St. Bernard’s in history, Barry.

18+ Frontier Girls and Quest Group

For those that think Frontier Girls is just for kids, think again.  Our adult Owl level is growing and Amanda Kavanagh one of our Owls in Indiana came up with the brilliant idea of getting some of our adult members together via Zoom.  We have many adult members scattered across the country in both Frontier Girls and Quest Clubs who love to earn badges, but don’t have anyone to work on them with.  Amanda solved that problem with Zoom by allowing members from several different states to all gather and get to know each other.

When asked what their group did exactly, Amanda responded, “We’ve just started so we haven’t done much but we discuss and work on badges and any other information we would like to share. Last week was the About Me Badge and States/Provinces (Specific) Badge for where we live. This week it’s the States/Provinces (Specific) Badge for where we wish we lived. We’re still deciding on a second badge to work on: Origami, parts of Disney/Disneyland/Magic Kingdom, or Jigsaw Puzzles.”

Join our Frontier Girls Forum Facebook group to find out when the next Owl meeting is and make some friends!

Karen Britton Retires

by Kerry Cordy

Karen Britton, leader of troop #144 in PA, is one of our longest standing leaders and one of our most active.  She is well loved not only by the girls in her troop, but by the many leaders she has helped to mentor over the years.  I regret to say, that Karen is finally retiring.  After nearly 10 years as a Frontier Girls leader and even more than that as a Girl Scout leader, Karen has finally decided to slow down.

Karen has taught me much over the years and I am sure that I will still turn to her for advice.  She was a master at membership recruitment and her Teddy Bear Tea Parties and giant games of Twister were legendary.  She went above and beyond for her troop, not only earning badges, but taking her girls on campouts and annual trips all over the east coast.  Consistently one of the largest Frontier Girls troops in the nation with anywhere from 25-52 girls in any given year, Karen served girls of all ages and ran the most efficiently run troop it has been my honor to visit.

Due to the COVID 19 shutdowns, the annual end of the year ceremony for Troop #144 was canceled and Karen was unable to say a proper farewell to her girls.  Instead, families got together and did a drive by parade in Karen’s honor.  A few of the girls in her troop also sent me some messages to relay to Karen as she says goodbye as their leader.  I would like to add my personal thanks for her friendship over the years and all of the support and ideas she shared with me.  Frontier Girls would not be the program it is without her help.

“Karen is patient and kind and is a great listener. She is compassionate and she is a great leader. No matter what badge we were working on or where we were she always helped us learn so much new information. She is always so patient, even when it is hard to be patient. The troop wont be the same without her.” — Andrea

“I appreciate Ms. Karen because she planned the awesome trips that we would go on like Williamsburg, Niagara Falls, and Washington, DC. I know that I would not have had these experiences without Ms. Karen leading this troop.” — Catherine

“Karen was such a great leader for us! She did a great job planning our trips. I always learned so much and it was what I looked forward to the most at the end of the year.” — Kylie

Rosemarie and Vera even sent me a couple of drawings they did for Karen.






















Support Our Service Members

Frontier Girls has always been a strong supporter of our active military, but sometimes getting care packages delivered can be a challenge without a direct contact overseas.  I am proud to announce that we will now be working directly with MSgt. Les Greer at the USAF base in Qatar.  Care packages will be distributed through a ministry on base called “Jack’s Place.”

If you would like to participate and send care packages, please read the message from MSgt Greer below that outlines what they are looking for and where to send them.  If you have not sent care packages overseas before, it is usually best to use the flat rate boxes through the post office as they will only charge you domestic rates and you can pack the box as heavy as possible for no extra charge.  Keep in mind the weather gets hot there so try not to send items that melt or have strong smells.  Make sure to put anything that could smell or melt in separate ziplock baggies just in case.

Cards and posters are also always appreciated as they show our service members how much they are loved and appreciated.  Just make sure not to use glitter which can make a mess and actually be a danger to our military if it gets on their clothing.  Keep any cards, drawings, letters, etc.  happy and upbeat.



Superintendent, Religious Affairs

Thank you so much for offering to put together a few items for the Airmen here. Below is the list of popular items we distribute through our Airman Ministry Center “Jack’s Place”. I’ve also included our address. We understand the hard work it takes, especially during current times dealing with COVID. Anything you’re able to send is much appreciated! Thank you!!!





Chap stick

Ramen Noodles






Please ship to:


379 AEW/HC

Unit 61201

APO, AE  09309



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