A Note from the Founder – Frontier Girls Merges with Curiosity Untamed

For anyone who missed the email, the merge of the Frontier Girls website with the Curiosity Untamed website as begun. The next few weeks may be a little confusing as I start redirecting pages, but my hope is that when I am done, you will have a fairly streamlined experience. I will keep all pages up on the original website until I am sure I have all the bugs worked out.

The biggest change will simply be that you will need to login on the Curiosity Untamed website instead of the Frontier Girls site as all members only materials will be moving. Until I can move each section, you may need to login on both sites and jump back and forth for a few weeks. I apologize for the hassle. If for any reason you cannot find something, just send me an email and I will get you what you need ASAP.

The memberships have already been copied over to the CU website, but you will need to reset your password on that site before you will be able to view badges as I was unable to transfer existing passwords. Your login on the original site has not changed. When you ask for a password reset link on the CU site, keep in mind these are automated and frequently end up in spam folder. If you have problems getting in on either site, just email me.

As I progress and get everything set up, if links are broken, menus misdirect, or any other problems occur, please let me know so I can get them fixed. As always, I am open to suggestions on how to make the website better for all. If there are things you would like to see in the new design, please let me know.

Thank you all for your patience!

Cassi Jensen Award

Cassi Jensen, an Owl from Idaho, is the first person to earn every single badge on our badge list. As an extra accomplishment, these badges were earned at the Eagle and Owl levels, the most difficult we have. I am proud to announce a brand new award, the Cassie Jensen Award which will be awards to any individual who has earned every badge on our list. The current list as of August when Cassi finished this endeavor stood at 1275 badges. Today the list is now 1277 as we have just added two more badges. As you can see, this award will become more and more difficult to earn as the years go by!

I asked Cassi to send me a short write up about her experience:

“Frontier Girls became a part of my life right before I graduated from high school in March of 2015. When I first joined, Ms. Kerry set me up as a pen-pal with Teri. We were still pen-pals! Anyway, I learned quickly that I am fascinated with researching and learning about everything and anything.  The farther I progressed through the program, the more I realized how much I enjoyed interacting with other members. As part of that project, I created the group Glitter Bugs for adult Owls (adults 18+). The group has grown and now is successfully coordinated by Amanda Kavanagh, who sets up virtual meetings.

There are 1,275 badges in the Alphabetical list as of August 2021.  There was never any intention on my part to earn them all. The whole thing just sorta happened. I’m sure Amanda Novak would disagree, (She is another Owl, whom we have kinda a competition concerning badges together) Some, badges however, were more difficult to achieve than others. Among them are the Knitter and Advance Knitter badge, the Cheese-making badge, the Minecraft, the Amateur Radio, the Stop Motion, the Digital movie, the Torah, and the Parsha badge.  As luck would have it, these were also the last badges I needed to earn. In addition to these, the historical badges are my favorites; the World War II badge is my favorite amongst those. This fall I am also entering the master’s program in World War Two Studies at Arizona University.   As a fan of superheroes and supervillains, I like the badges too.  Among the badges that can be earned multiple times, I’ve earned at least one from each category.  In my opinion, my favorite superhero badge was any badge with X-men on it. The X-men had over 700 members, but you only need to know 41 of them to fully understand the Marvel universe.

As for where I will go next, I am not sure other than the new badges added and the awards. There are three major awards left I must earn, one in health and fitness, one in science and technology, and one in outdoors. I also need to earn the outdoors award!”

New Badges Released

Diners and Flexibility

The inspiration for the Flexibility badge was the District Director for the Texas State Senator. Kara (Eagle), troop #122, has been shadowing him for her Major in Knowledge. She and her mother, Elizabeth Simmons, noticed his willingness to shift his day and focus for different needs and his ability to reprioritize. After a variety of schedule changes in her own life in short succession, Elizabeth decided that flexibility as a character trait was worth focusing on.

Patriot Day -Never Forget

As the anniversary of the 9/11 quickly approaches, I encourage all Frontier Girls to find a way to honor Patriot Day on September 11. Ideas might include:

  • Observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 AM Eastern Daylight Time, the time of the first attack.
  • Observe the day with ceremonies and activities, including remembrance services.
  • Flags should be displayed at half-staff in honor of the individuals who lost their lives from sunrise to sundown.
  • Make cards or banners for first responders

Outdoor T-shirts

New Creation Designs, a small family business, is launching a line of outdoor t-shirts just for girls. The Trail Blazer line is just getting started and while they only have one design currently, they have plans to create more. The current design is available in teal, pink and mint green. If you have an outdoor oriented troop, you may wish to keep an eye on this company.

Frontier Girl Wins Prestigious Impact Award

by Suzanne Vicory

Elizabeth Vicory, Frontier Girl Eagle, proudly represented the state of Arizona at the National Miss Amazing pageant this past July in Nashville, Tennessee.  The pageant is comprised of onstage introductions, formal wear, private interviews, and a “Passion Presentation,” where the contestant presents for 90 seconds about their personal passion. This is in place of a traditional “talent” section. Beth presented about her passion for serving her community. They also award community service medals based on hours accumulated, and a special award, the Impact Award, is presented to three young women for an outstanding community service project orchestrated by the contestant.  Beth won this prestigious award for her work to raise the funds for a brass plaque for a local 9/11 Monument in her community, instigating improvements to the site and helping to coordinate the upcoming dedication and anniversary ceremony. 

Beth also received a National Princess title, and a gold medal for over 600 hours of community service. Her mom, Suzanne, and Nana Carol, accompanied her on the trip and her Uncle Mike, a retired Marine, flew to Nashville to be her onstage escort for formal wear.  Beth and her family decided to turn the journey to the Miss Amazing national pageant into The Amazing History Adventure, as they would be traveling by car across the country.  They went to many historical locations along the way, exploring American Civil War battlefields, Civil Rights landmarks, and other historical interests.

Prior to arriving at the pageant venue, the family traveled through Texas and got to meet up with fellow Frontier Girl sisters Elizabeth and Kara Simmons at their home outside Dallas, Texas. Elizabeth was a fantastic tour guide as they explored Dealy Plaza, the site of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as local street art and other bits of Dallas and Texas history, before stopping by the American Girl Place for a bit of doll viewing! The journey gave Beth opportunities to work on many badges, and she is tallying requirements completed to give you all a final count next month!

Founders Day – September 20

I always seem to forget our Frontier Girls holidays, especially Founder’s Day. You would think since it is “my” day and my birthday, that I would remember it more often, but I think this is the first time I have actually remembered to put it in the newsletter. I remembered because this year I will be at Legg Lake, CA in the Los Angeles area supporting my husband at the 50th NAMBA Nationals RC boat races. Two years ago at the IMPBA Nationals in Maryland I had the opportunity to meet many of our east coast Frontier Girls. If there are any Frontier Girls in the Los Angeles area who would like to come say “hi” and maybe even earn their RC boat badge, please email me. I will be at Legg Lake from September 15-26 and would love to meet as many of you as I can.

September 2021 Newsletter